Terms of Use

Not much:

Don’t spam, don’t swear or insult, don’t post irrelative comments and don’t (try to) abuse the service.

Also, the opinions expressed here, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are my own. I represent noone, I write on noone’s behalf and I don’t imply that my writings are necessarily objective or the absolute, non-arguable truth.

Finally, reproducing any article is allowed, either as a whole or partially, provided that the source is explicitly referenced in such a way that the reader can easily find it. In case of partial reproduction, it must be done in a way that it doesn’t disort the meaning of the whole, or create a different impression than by reading the whole text. Pieces of source code, images, text and anything else published can be freely used by anyone, on their own risk and in a lawful manner.

Thats about it! Thanx and enjoy!

Notice: Bacause this blog is at its baby steps, the above text will change from time to time until I come up with its final form.